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Tech Dogs Welcomes AMN


Corporate offices of AMN and Tech Dogs have partnered to offer all AMN locations contracted toner rates and all inclusive laser printer repair services. The Tech Dogs Laser Printer Platinum Bundle will help all AMN locations streamline processes related to toner cartridge ordering and laser printer service requests.

This all-inclusive bundle is designed for multiple office locations spread throughout the United States. The long-term benefits include savings, simplified processes and uniformity for all AMN.

The first step to registering your AMN location with Tech Dogs and receiving toner and printer repairs is to complete the “New Location Set-up Form” and “Printer Model Inventory List” below.

Once you submit your set up forms and printer model inventory list, you will receive a confirmation phone call from your account representative followed by an outline of your toner cartridge pricing and printer repair maintenance benefits.

You are now ready to order toner supplies and request repairs!

We are excited and proud to be your partner for laser printer supplies and support!

Should you have any questions on the benefits, services or set-up forms please do not hesitate to contact your designated account representatives:


Erich: 972-985-4730 x104

Gayle: 972-985-4730 x109


Welcome to Tech Dogs!, We are excited to service all your printer needs.