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Client benefits

Through Tech Dogs local and national laser printer service solutions, your entire organization benefits in many various ways, including: 

  Reduce printing costs
  Consolidate vendors/suppliers and reduce associated cost of managing payables and invoices
  Streamline process to one partner across the nation for all offices
  Leverage your purchasing power and receive consortium buying discounts and services

  Less printer downtime improves end-user productivity and efficiency
  One uniform service plan across all offices and across all printer devices creates simplicity for all users
  Standardized operating procedures on printer service and toner cartridge supplies eliminates confusion and promotes order and structure in an organization

  Fast, reliable printer support for your help desk as a Tier 2 option to handling laser printer issues across the nation
  As an extension of your IT Help Desk, allow your IT Department to focus on more important IT related emergencies such as server, PC or phone issues and allow Tech Dogs to service and repair malfunctioning printers
  Tech Dogs carries all printer parts, user maintenance kits, drums and accessories for replacement so that your IT Department does not have to stock unnecessary, expensive printer replacement parts on-site.