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What we do

  • When the cost of owning your laser printers has become a huge line item on your budget..
  • When printer downtime has begun to cost your company more and more..
  • When you have been paying too much for the same service provider for years and years

Tech Dogs can help you control the rising cost of printer break downs, toner cartridge purchasing, maintenance contract renewals, refreshing printer technology, and every other cost that is associated with owning a corporate fleet of printers. 

By streamlining how you process service calls, toner orders and the overall management of your laser printers, Tech Dogs can support you in implementing a cost controlled plan to address your increasing printer expenses, while simultaneously promoting efficiency in the workplace. 

Tech Dogs has Custom Service Programs for corporate clients that have: 

  One Corporate Office with multiple laser printers 


  Multiple branch locations across the United States 

As your preferred partner, we focus all of our efforts to customize the right solution to fit your laser printer service and supply needs.