Additional I.T. Services

Managing and maintaining your organization’s laser printer fleet can often be costly, frustrating, and time-consuming. Luckily Tech Dogs provides personalized and highly advanced Managed Print Services (MPS) included with their Bundled Service Programs that resolves ongoing issues and frees up resources for your organization. With a simple and secure software download, we can collect real-time data from your laser printers and uncover new solutions for better managing and optimizing your printer fleet.

Additional services include:

  • Contact Center

  • Information Technology (I.T)

  • PAAS/SAAS Migration

  • Azure Service

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    Contact Center

    • 24/7 Help Desk Service

    • Customer Service

    • Live Chat Support

    • Technical Support

    • Data Cleansing & Validation

    • Account Management

    • Call Center Services

    • Customer Care

    • E-Commerce Support

    Solution: Set up your company with a ticketing system for I.T Support, providing you with a solution to answer 24/7 escalations and support for your end users or as an added tier level support for your current help desk.

    Information Technology (I.T)

    • Web Development QA Testing

    • Remote Programming

      • React

      • Angular

      • C#

      • Ruby on Rails

      • Nodejs

    Problem: Companies that may need temporary talent for tech development on certain projects.

    Solution: From QA Testers to Programmers and Developers, Tech Dogs can provide you with highly talented people for your IT development and special project needs while simultaneously making sure you stick to your tight budgets. For cost efficient scalable team members, schedule a needs analysis today!

    PAAS/SAAS Migration

    • Quickbooks

    • Hubspot

    • eAccountable

    Solution: Migrate your business database to cloud based PAAS and SAAS rather than owning the maintenance of outdated software and hardware. Some cloud based options that Tech Dogs can help move your company to include Quickbooks, Hubspot, and eAccountable. Schedule a needs analysis on taking your business to the cloud today!

    Azure Service

    • Implementation of any AZURE service for your business

    Solution: Many companies do not have the staff or the knowledge to integrate with Microsoft offerings on Azure. By allowing the experts at Tech Dogs to implement and rollout the project, companies attain ROI faster than if they were to try to handle the implementation in-house. Contact us today for more information!


    • Web Design

    • Graphic Design

    • Proofreading

    • Photo Editing

    • UX Design

    Covering everything from Web and Graphic Designers to UX Design.

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